Announcement of 10 selected Candidates

The Cambodian Students Association in Japan would like to announce candidates, whose essays have been selected for final presentation held in Phnom Penh on 27th August, 2011.

1.    Nany Lene Prak    : Topic 1
2.    Phan Chana        : Topic 1
3.    Sokhun Ny        : Topic 2
4.    Ly Tech Srun        : Topic 2
5.    Chou Visoth        : Topic 3
6.    Vann Yuvaktep    : Topic 3
7.    Khun Nayheak    : Topic 4
8.    Suon Bophawatey    : Topic 4
9.    Ith Chana        : Topic 5
10.    Kean Chantreawatey    : Topic 5

-    The above 10 selected candidates are required to make final presentation in Phnom Penh on 27th August, 2011. Place and time will be announces within 2 weeks before the presentation date.
-    Candidates are allowed to invite their relatives or friends to join. Each candidate has to report the number of invited people to CSAJ by 26th August, 2011.


CSAJ Essay Contest 2011

To encourage young Cambodians to think and express their concerns about their communities to the public, Cambodian Students Association in Japan (CSAJ) would like to announce the open for application of Essay Contest 2011. Please click Here for more information.

Choose one of the following topic questions.

1. What is the living standard of rural Cambodian people? Being a Cambodian youth, what can you contribute for improving living standard of rural Cambodian people?

2. Are there any possibilities to develop Cambodia? Explain it

3. What are the effects of Globalization on Cambodian culture, especially on Cambodian youth? What is your opinion on this issue? Explain

4. Will Cambodia use natural resources sustainable? Why and why not?

5. What is climate change? Does Cambodia get effects from climate change and what are the possible solutions?

Eligibility: Each participant must be:

1. Cambodian and is residing in Cambodia

2. Not older than 24 years old

3. Not be the winner in the previous contest.

How to submit

Send your essay to CSAJ Committee with email

Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2011:

Winner Awards

  • 1st place - $200 and winner medal,
  • 2nd place - $150 and winner medal,
  • 3rd place - $100 and winner medal.

Each finalist will receive a finalist certificate.

Essay Contest Poster